08 September 2008

smoke rings at 3 am

joe larson
smoke rings at 3 am
acrylic, wall spray, gesso on birchwood
my piece was inspired by my personal abstract visual thoughts of how my mind and memory mights store, remember, misremember and recollect information and memories that i have experienced over my lifetime. it is based off the fact that the scientific community knows so much about our minds and memory currently; however, at the same time they also are learning about how the human mind, brain and memory work. the abstract line-work and colors were used to visually describe how i see my mind working while trying to recollect information, a past memory and also the mystery of why some information can be burned into my memory permanently for no significant reason, and contrast to that how easily and often my mind fails to recollect or store important memories or information as well, no matter how hard i try to remember.

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