08 September 2008

my most genuine when i'm alone

mark fladeboe
my most genuine when i'm alone (details)
graphite, conte, charcoal, india ink, gouache on bfk paper
this piece deals with my identity. i explored myself, who i am, why i am. i am a shy person, which is addressed visually and physically. my work is on a small scale so it evokes a sense of intimacy. the work will draw the viewer in, only if he/she wants to be drawn in. each piece addresses different aspects of my life including fears, hobbies and family. the imagery in each drawing is hidden. this allows the viewer to take on his/her own meaning, but the drawing will always mean what it means to me. the drawings have a sort of layered effect to them and this is to show not only depth but it signifies the layers of life and memory. this piece will hopefully evoke memories and meanings to the viewer and he/she can take on their own interpretation when viewing.

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