08 September 2008

cherry cobbler, christmas ribbon and an avant-garde theatre show

jessica joswiak
cherry cobbler, christmas ribbon and an avant-garde theatre show (details)
mixed media on various papers

My series of drawings is based on the concept of my memory. The primary focus is on my artistic process rather than the outcome of the drawings. I allowed memories to enter and exit my mind and kept a drawing tool constantly moving and documenting my thoughts. The memories are big and small, vivid and intangible, childlike and sophisticated. I find great significance in the ability of memory to shape my sense of self. Thus, each drawing depicts a moment of my life I find to be highly significant to my personality.

Sense of place is articulated in many ways throughout the drawings. While skylines and horizons convey a literal setting, many of the figurative elements express a sense of place more personal to myself than to the viewer. I include expressive figurative drawings taken from past sketchbooks because these drawings, more so than any photo, bring back a flood of emotions. I remember exactly where I was, who I was near, and what my feelings were that lead to those sketches. This element of emotion is what I intend to surface in all my pieces.

The frames, and layout of the frames, embody the mapping aspect of my memory.

I utilize a variety of materials through the drawings. All work is on paper, some of which is made for charcoal and watercolor mediums, and some of which are found paintings or drawings from my childhood. The images are rendered in various dry mediums and gouache.

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