02 April 2009

of or relating to existence.

April 20th-24th
Closing Reception April 24th 5-8pm

Noel Braatz

“What we remember from childhood we remember forever - permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen.” ~Cynthia Ozick
Memories of our own past and our family’s past can change and fade as time passes, but even in the fading of those memories we constantly look for stability and consistency in the present.

Shelley Clark
Our lives are consumed with small details that turn into big distractions. These distractions divert our attention from the bigger picture of many different aspects of life. Hunger, homelessness, and thirst are issues thousands of people face everyday- yet their suffering can be easily addressed by our abundance. My desire is to challenge you to take a step back and truly look at your abundance in light of these issues.

Erin Sorenson
Object. Obsession. Repeat.

Through this series I confront a personal fixation and explore it’s process and origin. My goal, through excess, is to pass a little piece of the mania on to the viewer.

Meaghan Thiede
In my recent work I have focused on the idea of relationships; how they change and evolve overtime. I wanted to focus on this because I found it interesting how much we admire our parents and even emulate what they do, especially when we are little. I think there is a certain beauty in the relationship we have with our parents when we are young and how it continues throughout our lives.