07 December 2008

Safe for Most Surfaces

Artist Statement:
Jena Weiler

Artist Statement:
Meg Thomas

Room #416
Jena Weiler
Oil on paper

Room #415
Jena Weiler
Oil on paper

Room #829
Jena Weiler
Oil on paper

Here's your key.
Making a house a Home
Meg Thomas
Red embroidery floss, tooth
savor box, nail, pin, bottom
of chocolate box once lined
with wax paper

Becoming the son you
always wanted, discovering
the woman I always was
Meg Thomas
Lid to gold jewelry box,
raspberry and blackberry
candles, red tooth saver box

We live on a circle.
A circle . My sister and I
Meg Thomas
Red circle piece of plastic,
pastel pink embriodery floss,
pins, lemon drops, red
tooth saver box

Shawn Schemeneauer
Silly Putty

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Definately my favorite piece of the entire show.

The sense of movement was fantastic. The heat from the overheard spot lighting must have been beneficial causing the silly putty fibers to weaken. You could just barely see the oozing eefect in super slow mo.

Well done Shawnry. We're all so very proud of you.